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Fisting 101

    What exactly IS "fisting"? For the purpose of this site, we're only going to discuss male anal fisting. You may also want to check out our FFAQ.
Everyone (well, hopefully everyone) is generally comfortable with the idea of finger fucking with one or more fingers, but may retreat a bit from the concept
of inserting an entire hand. Fisting is NOT making a fist and shoving it right into some poor guy's hole. Technically, the hand is open with fingers straight
and the thumb tucked up inside toward your fingertips so the hand is somewhat diamond-shaped, not clenched in a fist like you're going to punch someone.
Fisting another person must be worked up to slowly and patiently and when done properly, can be an incredibly intimate and intense experience for all parties.

    First, some preparations:
    For the TOP, cut and file your nails until every finger is as smooth as possible. You don't want any sharp edges as you're about to be in some very delicate
places. I like to cut my nails the day before and use a good moisturizer/cuticle cream (like Lemony Flutter by Lush, but I tend to have rough skin on my
hands and cuticles). You want to make sure you minimize all chance of scraping the sensitive intestinal walls, which are kinda squishy and don't have the
protection of skin. You may want to also use gloves - latex or nitrile, but this is a discussion to be had with your partner. Some people always use gloves
and others do not. Obviously, there is less chance of contracting STD's with the use of gloves.

    For the BOTTOM, clean out your GI tract with warm water. It'll be much more comfortable with a clean hole. Don't use harsh detergents and take your
time to allow the body to adapt to the water, the temperature and the pressure. More on Cleaning Out... The second preparation is your mindset. If you
really want it, then you should be able to take it. This goes for everything from cocks to dildos to fists to baseball bats to orange traffic cones! There are
very few men who are physically unable to take anything up their ass. It's usually a matter of embarassment, machismo or fear that stops a man from
bottoming (and enjoying it). The size he can take will vary with experience and desire (and sometimes with chemical enhancements like poppers and pot).
I don't recommend using anything stronger than those until you know your own limits. Fisting is very much a mind space, so being out of touch with
your own body is a sure-fire way to get hurt. You may want to start with toys working from normal to larger and larger toys to get comfortable with
conciously relaxing your hole. Generally, once you can take a toy that's about 3" in width (not diameter, but measured across), you should be able
to comfortably take an entire hand. The more practice you get relaxing to take big toys, the easier it will be to relax when you want to take a fist.

    The actual act:
Go slowly. Start with one finger and work it in and gently open up your bottom's hole. Remember, you're asking him to open his hole up enough to accept
your entire hand. So don't rush it or your bottom will clench up like a steel trap! Listen to your bottom and take your cues from him. When he wants more
fingers and/or depth, he'll tell you. Use LOTS of lube - coat you entire hand, between your fingers, all over and inside your bottom's hole and make sure
to keep applying more. You can't have too much lube. More on Lubes...

    Do not force ANYTHING up your hole. If it hurts, slow down or stop. The relaxation of your hole to take a hand may be an uncomfortable pressure
initially, but it shouldn't ever cause sharp pain. If you don't have complete trust in your top to relax your hole slowly at your own pace, and to stop when you
say stop - then do not attempt this scene. If your top is not willing to take the time to relax your hole, then find another top! It is easiest to enter with your
hand vertically so the hand is parallel with the bottom's ass crack (like shaking hands). The top should continue with gentle pressure, reassuring the bottom that
he's there to help and will stop if it starts to hurt. Once the hand is inside, the top can can rock it back and forth - whatever feels good for the bottom,
but insertion and removal of the hand is best done vertically. Much of the bottom's receptivity is based on his mental state. I do not recommend an altered
state of mind for a NEW fisting bottom (or top for that matter)! Once your confident in your skills, then you can experiment with recreational drugs to enhance
the scene, but it shouldn't be required to get fisted.

    If the bottom suddenly clenches tight. The top should stop, but not pull his hand out. Let the contractions subside and then when the bottom has relaxed
again, the top can continue (if the bottom wants more) or the top can slowly pull out. You can pull a muscle if you try to back out in the middle of a muscle
spasm like that. If that happens, it'll be OK, but it may mean a change of plans as the bottom's hole recovers. You'll know to go slower the next time you
both want to try again.

    When you finally get all four fingers inside his ass, you're almost there. Your bottom is going to be hopped up on the slight plain/pressure, the pleasure
and excitement of having so much of you inside him (and probably feeling an amazing sense of intimacy). Any sudden flinch and his asshole could clench
up like a Ebeneezer Scrooge's coin purse. If your bottom wants to keep going, then you'll be able to slide in to your knuckles (remember to add more lube
as you go). Fold your thumb along the inside of your 4 fingers and slide it towards your fingertips -- you won't need to clench your hand closed, the bottom's
hole will keep your hand tight. As you keep applying steady pressure, you may rotate your hand slightly back and forth - check with your bottom and see
what feels good to him. As he continues to relax, you'll slide in further and further until his hole is stretched around the widest part of your hand. At this
point, your bottom may panic and think he CAN'T do it. I've seen many bottoms start to doubt themselves when they've stretched out that wide. Reassure
him. If you're in to the widest part of your hand, he's already stretched as wide as he will need to be. You may need to back off and start again, or he
may want to get used to it a minute and continue. Communicate with him and see where he is. Once he relaxes and wants to continue, apply slow, but
steady pressure and you'll slide right in and feel his ass close up around your wrist. I find it's best to wait for the initial shock and awe and rush to pass
before you explore any further or begin to move your hand. Now the real fun begins. Slowly rotate your hand, push further in and pull out slightly within your
bottom's ass. Ask him what feels good and learn his body from the inside. Take your cues from him! When it comes time to pull out, do so slowly. Once you've
pulled back out, continue to finger and caress his hole. I like to rub my hand up and down his crack stopping to lightly fingering his hole. Think of it as
teasing his hole. After the intensity of the fisting, the light touch will drive him crazy. Chances are, he'll be wishing you were back in him again. If he wants
it again and you're up to it, keep him open all night. That's one of the benefits of fisting - you're not likely to fall asleep after cumming like in 'nomal'
anal sex - you can ride that excitement for hours until your arm or his hole wears out.

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